Taking responsibility

Workforce, the environment and society are the three pillars of sustainable production at Schoeller Werk



Sustainability is a central theme at Schoeller Werk. For over 190 years the company, with a headquarters on the edge of the Eifel National Park, has carried out its production with consideration to both the individual and nature. Therefore, as tube manufacturers, we commit ourselves to our workforce, the environment and society - the three pillars of sustainable production at Schoeller Werk.

People as the center focus

Our employees are the key to customer satisfaction and therefore to the company’s success. Therefore, Schoeller Werk supports the specialist expertise and motivation of its workforce with unique training and further education courses as well as programs to foster the next generation. Modern health and safety procedures are an integral part of our employee-friendly company culture.

Consistent environmental protection

Energy efficiency, conservation of resources and environmental protection are anchored in Schoeller Werk’s corporate strategy. In this way, the tube specialists actively take responsibility and always implement the entire supply chain according to the latest environmental legislation: from energy-optimized as well as low emission production sequences, to the reduced consumption of water and compressed air, to environmentally-friendly waste recycling.

Social engagement

As a member of the Familiengenossenschaft Nordeifel- Euskirchen, Schoeller Werk gets involved in social issues on a local level. Whether it’s childcare, retirement homes or health problems - all employees are welcome to seek advice at the cooperative consultation center free of charge. We are also involved in the regional network “family and occupation.” Furthermore, Schoeller Werk supports selected initiatives in the areas of science, sport, art, culture, as well as humanitarian projects.