High solidarity and identification

Many of our employees are already in their second or third generation with us



Quality and performance – that is what we measure up to at Schoeller

The people behind Schoeller are our most valuable asset in this respect. It is their creativity, dedication and reliability that ensures the premium quality of our products and process engineering on a day-to-day basis.

Flat hierarchies facilitate fast and smooth internal communication in all company divisions and enable our employees to make a formative contribution to, and have a say in, work processes. Innovative working time models, such as trust-based working time, give our employees a high degree of control over their time and promote the best possible balance between work and private life.

Get to know the company and form your own picture of Schoeller's world of work.


The company's success is determined, in particular, by the capabilities and motivation of its employees. Good health is required for both. In the same way that employees are individually responsible for adopting a healthy lifestyle, Schoeller Werk is responsible for a healthy organisation. That is why Schoeller consciously invests in the health of its workforce.

Every employee in the company makes a contribution to a safe and healthy workplace. The foundation for this is provided by our organisation of occupational health and safety. By providing constant information, individual advice, training courses and regular instruction, we raise our employees' awareness of, and empower them in relation to, occupational health and safety issues. Our managerial staff, in particular, perform an important role-model function here. They are the cornerstone of our occupational health and safety system.

The aim of our OHM scheme is not only to prevent injuries and illnesses, but also to maintain and improve our employees' health through to an advanced age. The OHM scheme also aims to increase the sense of well-being in the workplace. Employees that feel good in the workplace identify with the company and go about their tasks in a motivated and responsible manner. To this end, we meet our employees where they are at in terms of their individual health and family situation.

Apart from our internal expert knowledge, we also receive support from selected partners in the OHM scheme.



Education is hugely important in our modern and constantly changing society. It is for this reason that personnel development is valued highly at Schoeller Werk. Targeted further training and systematic development of managerial staff and new talent are important components here. As part of in-house initial and further training programmes, job-related and interdisciplinary events are held for all employees in line with their needs; to some extent, these take the form of  internal training courses delivered by internal or external trainers or they involve attendance at seminars offered by external providers. Our aim is the systematic development of specialist, methodological, social and personal skills.

In addition, Schoeller Werk offers an extensive personnel development programme, which is open to all employees and is divided into three areas of support: "grants", "support programme" and "apprenticeship support". The aim is to discover each employee's individual potential, provide support for it and to promote it in the best possible manner following completion of a further training programme.



Talented junior employees are the future of our company. That is why promoting young people is an important part of our work. No matter whether you have just finished school, are in the middle of your studies or have already completed them – we can offer you the right programme for each stage of your life:

-       Training

-       Integrated degree programme

-       Work placements / final theses

-       Trainee programme


To inform young people about the diverse training and career opportunities at Schoeller Werk, we provide an interesting range of career guidance options:


In order to enthuse young girls for the STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) professions, Schoeller Werk also plays an active role by providing various programmes as part of the Girls' Day. Schoolgirls are invited to visit the mechanical and electronic workshops and the laboratory to obtain an initial insight, through small work tasks and a tour of the factory, into the skilled industrial trades of industrial mechanic, materials tester and electronics engineer for operational technology.

Further information is available at  www.girls-day.de


As part of the NRW state initiative "No degree without connection (KAoA)", Schoeller Werk is offering so-called occupational field investigations in commercial and technical training occupations on selected days. In addition to small work tasks and insights into operational work processes, Schoeller Werk can also be visited on a guided tour.
The selected occupational field days and information on registration can be found at: www.kreis-euskirchen.bfe-nrw.          


Schoeller Werk already supports schoolchildren during their school career in terms of career guidance and preparation for subsequent vocational training. That is why Schoeller Werk has entered into a permanent learning partnership with Städtisches Gymnasium Schleiden. We are pleased to be of assistance with the vocational and practical orientation of the school teaching programme.

However, we are equally pleased to offer other schools in the region an opportunity to attend expert days and information events as well as to take part in factory tours for school classes.


Should you have any questions about our training options, the Girls' Day or a cooperative/learning partnership, please contact us at any time. Our personnel team will be pleased to be of assistance and looks forward to receiving a call from you.

To find the right contact person without delay, visit our Personnel/Organisation service area.