Wide product range for every requirement

We manufacture stainless steel tubes in various grades, as well as different dimensions and finishes.



Schoeller Werk produce high-quality stainless steel tubes for a wide variety of economic sectors at a total of 21 production facilities. We use 109 welding machines, 28 annealing furnaces, 52 draw benches, 67 separator systems and 13 test rigs.

Schoeller Werk’s product range is unique on the European market because of its diversity. It covers the enter spectrum: from calibrated, unannealed standard tubes in manufactured lengths, to annealed and redrawn precision tubes with further processing, to components in fixed lengths with defined end-facing. This trend-setting company continually develops its system technology and its product range according to customer requirements and market demands. The foundation for our high product quality is our use of high-performance machinery, our highly experienced and qualified staff, and our comprehensive quality management.

Our high-quality stainless steel tubes are developed in conjunction with the customer - the tube specialist adjusts the individual measurements and designs, as well as the materials, specifically for the application and according to the requirements of the customer. In this way, Schoeller Werk reliably accounts for even the narrowest tolerances. And ensures consistently high product quality.