Since 1827

Our company has been family owned for nearly 200 years – it’s something we are particularly proud of.



1827: Founding of Schoeller Werk GmbH at the current location in Hellenthal


1842/1843: Despite the great wave of emigration to America, Schoeller remains in Germany and, thanks to the high quality of its iron, prevails against products from England


1859: Contract from the Prussian government for preliminary work on the new Cologne-Brühl-Kall-Trier railway line


1863: Schoeller Werk pioneers the first wire meshes and rivets produced by automatic nail machine


1932: Amalgamation of manufacturing in Gemünd and Hellenthal; first precision manufacture of cannulas and cathodes


1944: Relocation of production operations to Salzkammergut (Hallstadt) in Austria


1945-1955: Reconstruction of the production plant destroyed by the war; as one of the biggest companies in the Hellenthal region, Schoeller is an important employer


1959: Commissioning of tube welding lines for manufacturing longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes in the TIG welding


1960: Introduction of welded stainless steel tubes in the chemicals industry and in apparatus and plant engineering


1965: Schoeller Werk is the first manufacturer to achieve a weld efficiency rating of 1.0 for TIG-welded tubes made of austenitic steels


1975: Schoeller Werk commences serial production of tubes made of ferritic and austenitic steels for car exhaust tubes. The Golf I launched at the beginning of June 1974 and the Golf GTI (1976) are equipped with this corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant material


1991: Introduction of laser welding technology


1992: Certification to DIN ISO 9002 standard


2000: Environmental certification to DIN EN ISO 14001 standard and certification in accordance with PED 97/23 EC


2002: More than 100 welding lines produce more than 35,000 tonnes of stainless steel tubes a year


2004: Production of almost 50,000 tonnes of stainless steel tubes, certification to ISO/TS 16949


2007: Expansion of welding and cut-to-length capacities


2009: Commissioning of the ultrasonic testing system


2011: Commissioning of high-performance sawing plants with CNC end machining


2012: Certification to DIN EN ISO 50001


2014: Schoeller Werk has more than 1,000 employees


2015: Launch of the new "Technikum"


2017: Acquisition of the engineering service provider ID Ingenieure & Dienstleistungen GmbH


2019: The Schoeller Group grows. AK Feinrohr becomes Schoeller Feinrohr