Stainless steel tubes - Powerhouses in the energy sector


The operational safety and quality of TIG and laser-welded tubes is of the highest priority for the energy sector. This is particularly salient for applications in power plants, oil and gas extraction, shipbuilding and geothermal energy. Any defect will lead to a loss in energy and standstills, costly maintenance, and in the worst case, environmental damage.
With a proven expertise and years of experience in tube manufacturing, Schoeller Werk offers its customers across the world an extensive range of high-quality and economical tube designs made from stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel-based alloys and titanium.

By carefully selecting the material and conscientious process management, Schoeller Werk optimizes its tube products specifically for the customer and the operating conditions. For example, control line coiled tubing is welded using an orbital method and examined using x-ray technology. In this way, we achieve a very high welding seam quality which is necessary for application in large ocean depths in particular.

Further criteria for control lines and chemical injection tubes are maximum roundness, and a minimum external and internal roughness. For these purposes, Schoeller Werk uses drawn over mandrel tubes - the high tube quality and durability in application has impressed customers enough to use the product with their own specifications in oil and gas extraction.

All Schoeller Werk products reliably withstand the heat and pressure, as well as the corrosive media and surroundings, which all tubes in the energy sector are exposed to. Using the most modern inspection methods, as tube manufacturers, we ensure that the strictest standards for residual particles in the tube, as well as the most narrow dimensional tolerances, are adhered to.
As a result, Schoeller Werk premium tubes contribute effectively to process efficiency and reduced Co² emissions during energy production - and this at an outstanding price performance ratio.


Our sales segments:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Flue gas desulfurization
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  • Renewable energies
  • Power plants
  • Control-Lines


  • Control-Lines extruded
  • Shipbuilding


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