Premium tubes in the fast lane



Longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes from Schoeller Werk contribute to the durability of component parts in millions of passenger cars and commercial vehicles across the world. As a manufacturer of tubes, Schoeller Werk works through the entire supply chain in close collaboration with our customers, and therefore guarantee a product quality that meets your requirements perfectly - which is the prerequisite for a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly component part. Whether dynamic pulsation pressure in a common rail system for petrol engines, or high temperature resistance for tubes in glow plugs in diesel engines - Schoeller Werk offers high-performance tube solutions which take trends in lightweight construction, increased efficiency levels and customer requirements into account. As well as this, we aim to produce permanently functional, high-quality technologies, such as for tubes used in exhaust recirculation systems and injectors in injector systems.

Schoeller Werk contributes effectively to increasing the performance of our applications, as well as decreasing fuel consumption and harmful emissions in the production of our welded and redrawn stainless steel tubes. As a certified supplier, Schoeller Werk is a steady partner for internationally operating OEMs, TIER 1 and TIER 2 suppliers.


Our sales segments:

  • Exhaust systems
  • Injectors
  • Glow plugs
  • Brackets
  • Rails


  • Media carrying tubes welded calibrated
  • Media carrying tubes welded cold redrawn
  • EGR systems


  • Tank filler necks for bus and heavy vehicle
  • Media carrying tubes for bus and vehicle
  • Other applications


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