News February 2022

Training successfully completed

In January, five apprentices successfully completed their final examinations at the IHK Aachen. 


Jens Knebel, Maurice Monschau and Nico Pütz passed their training as industrial mechanics and were taken on in welding and maintenance. In addition, the two electronics technicians for industrial engineering Kilian Wetschorek and Mike Vellen successfully passed their final exams and will be employed in maintenance and building management.

We wish all former trainees continued fun and success at our Schoeller Werk.

You can find more information about the apprenticeship at Schoeller Werk here:


f.l.t.r.: Kai Heimerich, Nico Pütz, Mike Vellen, Jens Knebel, Kilian Wetschorek

News April 2021

Training successfully completed

In January, seven Schoeller apprentices successfully completed their final exams at the IHK Aachen.


Maximilian Goertz was able to shorten his training as an industrial clerk by half a year and was taken on by the sales department. Materials tester Nicole Porsche passed her final examination with "very good" and will continue to work in quality management. Andreas Foos also successfully completed his final examination to become a materials tester.

Thomas Nonnen and Manuel Lingscheid, who successfully passed their final exams to become industrial mechanics, were both taken on by the mechanics department.

Martin Geschwind also passed a "very good" final examination as an electronics technician for industrial engineering. In future, he will work in the electrical design department. His fellow apprentice Leon Kilian Mertens will be employed in building management after also successfully passing the examination.

We wish all former apprentices continued fun and success at Schoeller Werk!

You can find more information about the apprenticeship at Schoeller Werk here:


f.l.t.r.: Manuel Lingscheid, Leon Kilian Mertens, Martin Geschwind
f.l.t.r.: Maximilian Goertz, Nicole Porsche, Thomas Nonnen

News February 2021

New WLAN for 100,000 m² operating area

Currently, the existing WLAN infrastructure in the entire Schoeller Werk is being replaced by a new and state-of-the-art system. The new network will then cover around 100,000 m² of factory space.


Not only the administration, but above all several hundred mobile devices in production are connected to the WLAN at Schoeller Werk and require robust or high connectivity. The aim of the measure is to further increase process reliability and availability throughout the company. The new WLAN technology was successfully tested on a wide range of end devices in an extensive test lasting several weeks. Now, all production areas in particular are gradually being equipped with new WLAN access Points.

News November 2020

Training starts at Schoeller Werk

Schoeller Werk has been participating in PRS's pallet pooling program for several years. We have now been awarded a Green Label by the supplier for this.


The apprentices will be trained as industrial mechanics, electronics technicians for industrial engineering, IT specialists for system integration and industrial clerks.
Our dual students will study industrial engineering and management and mathematical-technical software development.

We wish them all a good start and a successful apprenticeship.

News October 2020

Schoeller Werk receives PRS Green Label

Schoeller Werk has been participating in PRS's pallet pooling program for several years. We have now been awarded a Green Label by the supplier for this.


The pallet pooling program is committed to the recycling of sustainably produced pallets. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and packaging waste throughout the supply chain as much as possible. Damaged pallets are repaired where possible or alternatively used as biomass for drying and heat treatment of new pallets. The wood used in the production of the pallets is FSC or PEFC certified and therefore meets the highest ecological standards. The system results in the preservation of approximately 400,000 trees per year. As a company that thinks sustainably, we are happy to continue supporting this initiative and are delighted to be awarded the Green Label.


News April 2020

Coronavirus: The current situation at Schoeller Werk

In the current difficult situation of the corona pandemic, Schoeller Werk is also acting strictly in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Health: We set up a crisis management team at a very early stage, which reassesses current developments for Schoeller Werk on a daily basis.


Accordingly, various protective measures were introduced to help prevent and contain the virus. Despite the dynamic course of events, we have thus been able to create framework conditions that provide optimum protection for both our employees and our business partners. The measures also ensure that Schoeller Werk is ability to act can be maintained in the best possible way under the given circumstances. We observe current developments with particular attention and constantly adapt our actions to the requirements.

You, your families and relatives stay healthy!

News February 2020

Successful Bachelor degree

Schoeller Werk supports employees in their professional development. This includes both regular further training and the opportunity to study part-time. A successfully completed seminar or degree course is therefore always a reason to celebrate at Schoeller Werk:


Our two employees Sarah Santucci and Sarah Kirch recently passed their bachelor's degree and were presented with their certificates in a ceremony. The two now hold the title "Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration (B.A.)". The committed employees of Schoeller Werk finished their studies part-time over seven semesters at the Rheinische Fachholschule Cologne at the Schleiden study location. And they not only completed their studies with flying colours, but also with an excellent grade point average of 1.5 - something to be proud of. The whole team of Schoeller Werk congratulates them warmly!

News January 2020

Third place in the Energy Scout Project

We congratulate our trainees on an excellent third place in the Energy Scout project of the IHK Aachen.


Martin Geschwind, Leon Kilian Mertens and Marcus Thurn convinced the jury with the topic "Reuse of the compressor waste heat to relieve the hall heating with regard to energy-efficient and economical operation in a production hall". A total of 11 groups presented their project to the IHK Aachen.

Detailed information on training at Schoeller Werk can be found here:

Source: "IHK Aachen/Heike Lachmann"

News November 2019

Schoeller Werk donates to Lebenshilfe HPZ 

The works council of Schoeller Werk collected a total of 3,024 euros for the Lebenshilfe HPZ (Heilpädagogisches Eingliederungszentrum) in Schmidtheim. The amount is made up of 2,024 euros donated by employees and 1,000 euros from Management.


For over 40 years, Schoeller Werk's employees and management have regularly donated to institutions for the disabled. As every year, the works council of Schoeller Werk suggested the recipient of the donation and carried out the collection campaign.

The Schmidtheim children's home was opened in 1994 and offers 15 places for children and young people with intellectual disabilities. The aim of the centre is to alleviate the handicap-related impairments of children and young people as far as possible and to promote participation in life in Society.

News November 2019

Stainless Steel World 2019

The final preparations for our trade show appearance at Stainless Steel World 2019 are almost complete. We will be presenting our high-quality profile for the production of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes from November 26 - 28 at booth F08 of the Maastricht trade show.

News September 2019

Terminals in production ensure transparency

Schoeller Werk is becoming even more digital and has acquired 23 info terminals, which have been positioned in the production halls for general use. The terminals provide employees with access to the intranet and homepage of Schoeller Werk. This means that production employees are always informed about the latest developments at Schoeller Werk without an assigned workstation or Computer.


The terminals also offer the possibility of presenting our administrative documents, such as safety instructions, work instructions, process instructions and test instructions, much more efficiently and effectively in digital form in the future.

As part of the Schoeller digitization strategy, a team from the Production and IT & Business Process Management divisions was formed to research the optimum solution for modern information dissemination in Hellenthal. In addition to a fast processor and sufficient main memory, a robust and visually appealing housing was chosen for the terminals. Special attention was also paid to the size of the touch screen and LAN and WLAN connectivity.

All 23 info terminals are already installed. The terminals will be introduced from week 38 in several stages by the production Managers.

News August 2019

Existing apprenticeships at Schoeller Werk

We are proud to report that our trainees have successfully passed their final examination at the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


They completed an apprenticeship as industrial clerk and two apprenticeships as machine and plant operator.

We would like to congratulate them on their successful training and wish them all a good start in their careers and much success for the future!

Detailed information on training at Schoeller Werk can be found here on our Website:

Lukas Quirini (industrial clerk) and Hannah Jenniches (industrial clerk). Our two new machine and plant operators Alpha Diallo and Simon Hoß were unfortunately unavailable at the time of the photo session.

News June 2019

EWM visits Schoeller Werk

Tim Höller and Selina Wörsdörfer from EWM, together with Christoph Bröder from additiv pr, were our guests at Schoeller Werk. It was about a user report that our PR agency additiv pr will write for our welding equipment supplier EWM. Because in practical terms, additiv pr works both for us and for EWM.



EWM is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of arc welding technology and has been our supplier since the mid-1990s. In addition to a tour of our production facilities, discussions were held about the many years of successful cooperation. Many thanks for your visit. We are looking forward to the report, which will soon be published in trade journals.

News March 2019

Occupational field survey in the Schoeller Werk

On 27 March we will be conducting a vocational field survey. All interested schoolchildren are cordially invited to explore our plant and take a look at the various job profiles of our company.


There are still places available to find out more about the following training occupations: Industrial clerk, electronics technician for industrial engineering, industrial mechanic and materials tester. In addition to insights into everyday working life, there is also a factory tour to get to know production.

Ms. Isabel Kampmeier (Tel.: 02482-81-5816 or e-mail: will answer all your questions - she is also responsible for registration. Those who are unable to attend in March have the chance to register online for the occupational field survey on 10 April or 3 July directly via the SFOE portal:

News February 2019

Trainee trip to Hamburg

From the Hamburg Dungeon to the Elbphilharmonie to the Reeperbahn - this year's trainee trip of Schoeller Werk to Hamburg was a successful experience. For a whole weekend, 31 trainees and four supervisors explored the Hanseatic city and experienced the landmarks up Close.


In addition to a walk through the Speicherstadt, the harbour tour was one of the highlights: Passing the Elbphilharmonie (Elbe Philharmonic Hall), the tour went through one of Europe's largest seaports and then via the shipyards back ashore, where the group enjoyed a leisurely end to the trip in the world-famous snack bar "Heiße Ecke" (Hot Corner). Finally, the bus driver surprised our trainees with a private city tour before they started their journey home to Hellenthal.

Our trainee trip takes place every three years and serves to strengthen the sense of community among all of the company's trainees. The training offer of Schoeller Werk can be found here on our homepage:

Our personnel department will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

News January 2019

Training and dual studies successfully completed

We are proud to report that our trainees and our dual student have successfully completed their final exams at the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce or their bachelor studies at the European University of Applied Sciences in Brühl.


They completed their training as industrial mechanics, mechatronics engineers, electronics technicians for industrial engineering and a dual course of study in industrial management.

We wish a good start in your professional life and good luck for the future!

Detailed information on training at the Schoeller Werk can be found here on our website:


News Dezember 2018

Energy Scouts from Schoeller Werk take 2nd place

Four of our trainees Maximilian Engel, Jona Lorbach, Vincent Floß and Tim Gillessen took second place in the medium-sized business initiative Energy Turnaround and Climate Protection of the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce with their final presentation of the project "Tank Optimisation of the Ring Tube Internal Washing, regarding an energy-efficient, economical and process-reliable operation".

Picture: IHK Aachen/Andreas Herrmann


The project was then passed on to our production process optimisation department, which will continue to drive the project Forward.

News November 2018

Numerous entrepreneurs visiting Schoeller Werk

"Hello, neighbor!" - under this slogan we recently welcomed numerous entrepreneurs from the region in our premises. In the context of the IHK Aachen event series of the same name, the visitors took a look behind the scenes of our company in a relaxed atmosphere.



During a short lecture by Herbert Frank our Director of Production , the participants were given an overview of the traditional history of Schoeller Werk as well as the numerous application areas of our product range of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes. Afterwards the visitors went on a short tour through our production halls. The participants were particularly impressed by the precision and diversity of our production. At the concluding "Get-together" there was still enough time for extensive networking and cross-industry exchange. The IHK Aachen has been organizing the industry dialogue in our region since 2014. The aim of the series of events is to contribute to the competitiveness of the regional industry through entrepreneurial Exchange.


News November 2018

Successful completion of apprenticeship/study

We are proud to report that also this summer the trainees and a dual student successfully passed their final examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Aachen or their bachelor studies at the EUFH in Brühl.

Left to right: Marcel Grommes, Leonie Fink, David Fingerhut, Tobias Zschiedrich, Dominic Burmeister, Simon von Wersch


We warmly congratulate the trainees on passing their final examination: Leonie Fink (industrial clerk), Simon von Wersch (industrial clerk) and Dominic Burmeister (industrial clerk), David Fingerhut (machine & plant operator) and Tobias Zschiedrich (machine & plant operator). Simon von Wersch and David Fingerhut, who completed their final examination with the grade "very good", are particularly worth mentioning. Both have been invited to the best honour of the IHK Aachen. This year the best honour takes place regionally in the district Euskirchen in the Thomas-Eßer-Berufskolleg. The former trainees are now employed in the fields of order management, materials management and production.

We would also like to congratulate Marcel Grommes, who has successfully completed his dual studies as an industrial engineer with the title "Bachelor of Science". He has been employed in sales since April 2018.

We wish all of you a good start to your professional life and good luck for the future!


News October 2018

"Night of Training" at Schoeller Werk

Attracting young people from the region to our company is an important success factor for the Schoeller Werk. A total of 20 young people visited us together with their parents during the night of training organized by the Schleiden secondary school.



After a brief introduction to the company and our profession, our guests went on a tour of the training facilities. In the training workshop the visitors could get an idea of the possible future job. Our products were of particular interest to the students: The Schoeller Werks longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes are used in numerous industries such as the automotive industry, oil and gas production and refrigeration and air conditioning. Afterwards there was still enough time for personal discussions and questions. This gave the students numerous insights into our professional fields, career opportunities and our corporate culture.

All information about training at the Schoeller Werk can be found here on our website at:


News September 2018

Start of training at Schoeller Werk

Also this year, Schoeller Werk welcomes a total of 11 new apprentices to 1. September, 2018. In the commercial area, Maximilian Goertz from Dahlem and Philipp Nickel from Monschau have started training as industrial clerks. We welcome Kai Heimerich from Hellenthal as a dual student in industrial engineering.



In the technical field Maurice Monschau from Schleiden, Nico Pütz and Jens Knebel from Kall as well as Annchristin Ludwig from Hellenthal started their training as industrial mechanics. Mike Vellen from Kall, Lukas Bons from Nettersheim and Kilian Wetschorek from Schleiden are trained as electronic technicians for industrial engineering. Patrick Klein from Kall also started training as a machine and plant operator.

The first week of training began with small introductory events to get to know the basics of the training relationship at Schoeller Wek. There was also a factory tour to give first insights into the production. In addition, the apprentices also got to know their deployment department, such as the apprentices at the B8 workshop and the finance, sales and dispatch departments.

We wish all trainees every success in their training or dual studies!


News August 2018

Schoeller Werk in the trade press

“Production" has taken up our current press release and reports on its website about Herbert Frank, our Director of Production, Maintenance and Tool Management. Click here for the article:


News July 2018

Trade Portal reports on new developments from the Schoeller Werk

The trade portal marketSTEEL is currently publishing a detailed report on the Schoeller Werk. In an interview our Sales Director Roland Mertens talked with the Editor in Chief Dagmar Dieterle-Witte about the new developments in the Schoeller Werk, future market requirements and digitalisation in the manufacturing industry. 

Sales Director Roland Mertens


The focus here, among other things, was on our new products in the automotive sector using lean duplex materials and austenitic chrome-nickel steels. He also talked about the expansion of our production capacities in the energy sector with investment in state-of-the-art wire drawing systems. The trade journalist showed particular interest in the new material VDM Alloy 31Plus that we process for various areas of application in the chemical industry.


You can find the whole interview at the following internet address: We hope you enjoy reading it!


News June 2018

European Energy Manager - Best on course come from the Schoeller Werk

In times of continually rising energy costs, we are equipping ourselves for the future: B. Eng. Marian Jansen and HSE Manager M. Eng. Martin Weber have completed their advanced training as European Energy Manager (IHK) as the best on the course.

left to right: B. Eng. Marian Jansen, Andreas Lux, M. Eng. Martin Weber


With this qualification, our experts have once more extended their comprehensive energy competence. Our aim is the continuous identification of energy optimisation potentials in the Schoeller Werk. With process heat and compressed air, for example, we can exploit our potential for savings and increase our energy efficiency. A central task of our two Energy Managers is the establishment of a professional energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001. The savings in energy costs achieved in this way will directly boost our competitive position as one of the leading manufacturers of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes.


News March 2018

Girls`Day at Schoeller Werk

The next Girls' Day is taking place on 26 April 2018 – and we're taking part once more. All interested school girls in the area are warmly invited to leave the classroom for a day and see what it's like in the production units and factory buildings at Schoeller Werk. As well as giving exciting insights into the world of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes, we shall also be offering a guided tour through the company's Hellenthal site.


There will naturally also be an emphasis on the various job profiles. The girls will take a look at the daily routine of a material tester or industrial mechanic and get to know the tasks performed by an electronics engineer for operations technology, directly in the practical setting with expert instruction. What is a typical working day like? What training opportunities are available at Schoeller Werk? And what do stainless steel tubes from Hellenthal have to do with cars? Our employees will be happy to answer these questions and any others covering all aspects of starting work.  

The Girls' Day is the world's largest career guidance project for school girls, providing an opportunity for girls from year 5 to take a look at training chances for skilled occupations in the technical and scientific disciplines. We think this is a good thing and are glad to support it. After all, we are constantly on the look-out for interested, motivated girls who would like to start their careers with Schoeller Werk.


News March 2018

Schoeller Werk congratulates apprentices

One of the secrets to the success of Schoeller Werk is the company's policy of ensuring that it trains up its next generation of qualified workers.



Armin Dederichs, Julian Hörnchen and Tobias Esser have successfully completed their apprenticeships at Schoeller Werk as electronic technicians for industrial engineering. Moritz Reder, Maximilian Zeleny and Svenja Schmitz are now fully qualified industrial mechanics. And we also congratulate Tom May and Niklas Swoboda on the test piece ("journeyman's piece") they produced to complete their training as mechatronic technicians. Throughout their entire apprenticeships, the youngsters could rely on mentoring and support in word and deed from qualified instructors and skilled workers. All apprentices have found permanent employment at Schoeller Werk and will now be deployed in the departments responsible for pipe pulling, maintenance, building management and logistics.


We are also looking for apprentices and trainees for technical and commercial jobs for the coming year. All corresponding information can be found here [Link ergänzen:]

News February 2018

Schoeller Werk connected to the fibre-optic Network

Big data, Internet of Things or cloud computing: the increasing connectivity and digitisation of business processes over and beyond a company's own individual boundaries with corresponding growth in broadband demand requires an efficient, modern, scalable connection to the outside world. We have therefore decided to invest in a forward-looking solution. Following several months for carrying out the necessary construction work and obtaining approval from the authorities and from Deutsche Bahn, we have now achieved our objective: we are one of the first industrial companies in the region to have a state-of-the-art, synchronous connection to the fibre-optic network with broadband ratings of up to several gigabit for both uploads and downloads.



By 2020, more than 50 billion devices will be connected worldwide in the Internet of Things. There will be far more integrative collaboration between customers, suppliers and producers, with the emergence of new business models and competitive advantages. Modern high-speed internet access is therefore obviously very important for Schoeller Werk. By changing over to the fibre-optic system, we have created the necessary basis for implementing our further planning in the context of digitisation and Industry 4.0. We are now even better able to integrate cloud computing and big data in our business processes. With immediate effect, we now have access to high-speed data transfer with a scalable broadband rating and high availability that grows with the requirements. And so our communication infrastructure has been made ready for tomorrow's world.