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Stainless Steel World 2019 

The final preparations for our trade show appearance at Stainless Steel World 2019 are almost complete. We will be presenting our high-quality profile for the production of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes from November 26 - 28 at booth F08 of the Maastricht trade Show.

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Terminals in production ensure transparency

Schoeller Werk is becoming even more digital and has acquired 23 info terminals, which have been positioned in the production halls for general use. The terminals provide employees with access to the intranet and homepage of Schoeller Werk. This means that production employees are always informed about the latest developments at Schoeller Werk without an assigned workstation or Computer.

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Schoeller Werk donates to Lebenshilfe HPZ

The works council of Schoeller Werk collected a total of 3,024 euros for the Lebenshilfe HPZ (Heilpädagogisches Eingliederungszentrum) in Schmidtheim. The amount is made up of 2,024 euros donated by employees and 1,000 euros from Management.

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