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New WLAN for 100,000 m² operating area

Currently, the existing WLAN infrastructure in the entire Schoeller Werk is being replaced by a new and state-of-the-art system. The new network will then cover around 100,000 m² of factory space.

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New high performance sawing centre well received by the market

When it comes to cutting longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes, quality requirements in terms of cleanliness and defined tube end machining are constantly on the increase. Schoeller Werk is a leading manufacturer in this segment and offers its customers a corresponding, fully automatic solution with a high performance sawing centre. The first interim appraisal of the new facility is most positive. The service is being used by many customers, particularly in the automotive industry.

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Schoeller Werk receives PRS Green Label

Schoeller Werk has been participating in PRS's pallet pooling program for several years. We have now been awarded a Green Label by the supplier for this.

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